Sunday, January 28, 2018


I love how moon touches the night,
like how someone makes me feel alright.
I love how sun brightens the day,
like how someone's smile shines my day.

I love how flowers fills the garden,
like how someone fills my burden.
I love how water waves and splashing,
like how someone reminds me of living.

I love how butterfly flies freely,
like how someone supports me constantly.
I love how dogs bark on a stranger,
like how someone protects me from danger.

Look how things turn out well,
but there's one thing that I should tell...
I love these beautiful things on earth,
like how I love someone that constantly hurt.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Pray and You'll Gain

Love makes the world go round,
And that’s the same reason why someone turns around.
You may give everything that you can be,
But it wouldn’t always be enough for them to see.

You both shared a thousand memories,
Through years or through months that you’ve risk.
Never thought that you would end up here,
How happy is that someone while you’re on tears.

With a great pain in your chest,
You’ll make everyone impressed,
On how you rise up and never prevails the pain?
It’s because God works with you, just pray and you’ll gain.

--Chris Limena

Friday, May 12, 2017

Perception of Life Together

Yes I believe, we met for a reason,
In the moment of a heart break season.
Maybe God meant to cross our path,
so I can seal your broken spot.

We build friendship as a foundation,
Since we met as strangers without any relation.
And yes, you let me enter your heart,
Without any assurance of not being hurt.

You came and changed everything,
You turn my world into something.
Because I loved you since the day that you came,
Even though the feeling is not the same.

Time goes by as the memories die,
And we both realized that our past was just a lie.
Then we came in this moment of bliss,
Were we knew, that this cannot be missed.

Love grows stronger,
As we stand still together.
The struggles to conquer may not that easy,
For this would strengthen our love deeply.

Every relationship has its goals and dreams,
But the journey is not that happy as it seems.
For world may be against in some circumstances,
But the love we proffer stand firm as we dance it.

We both know that there's no such thing as forever,
But we're still looking forward to the life of being together.
Gathered everything that we've learned in our journey,
We know our life would be perfect as it could be.

--- Chris Limena.

Our missing parts...

We've came through lot of fights,
Cried and been to sleepless nights.
But our love still shines,
As the next morning rise.

I may not be a perfect partner,
But I'm trying to reach you out every corner.
I may have hurt you many times,
Yet you still love me in every second of time.

I may not be the best,
But I'm trying to be better than the rest.
I know these things wouldn't just fell off,
For an appreciative person like you, I've shown of.

Problems may come in the blink of an eye,
But two hearts still hanging, holding tight.
These problems would never tore us apart,
Since we believe, we filled our missing parts..

-- Chris Limena.

Friday, October 14, 2016

A Bitter Sweet Memory of Us

I remember the first time I put my arms over your shoulders, the first time I held your hand unintentionally, the first time I hugged you from the back and smell your fragrance.

All those things happened on just a simple yet meaningful day of us, but did you know what hurts me? It is when I realized that all those things happened on that day, were the first and the last memories of us that I could cherish.....

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Before I Let You Go

All people have been felt to love,
But not all people have been felt to be loved.
Some people knows how to break someone,
Since they don’t know how it felt to be break by someone.

I don’t understand why people keep crossing paths.
Since in the first day, we knew they’ll just leave a spot.
I don’t understand why people always fell for someone who just came along
When they know it will eventually hurt and make us drown.

They say that love accompanies pain.
Still, I risk myself for something I know worth to gain.
I believe that pain makes people braver and stronger
And that’s the main thing that meets two hearts together.

I have loved you with all that I can be.
Even though it does not what you want to be.
I tried to fight and take a chance for it,
But the feeling of being unwanted is that what interdicts.

You wanted me to let go of you,
But I’m not that strong enough to get through you.
It’s crazy to hold onto something that constantly hurting
But it’s even crazier to let go of something that is all I’ve ever wanted.

After all, I want to thank you for everything.
You not just gave me a feeling of something but a feeling of everything.
There would always be a part of you deep inside my heart
Though the intimate feeling I had with you had fell apart.

Letting you go is never easy,
But I know I need to set you free.
These words I had utter, came from my heart that flow
Remember that I love you, before I let you go…

--Chris Limena

Thursday, September 22, 2016

If I were a boy

Sometimes I dream and wonder,
to live in a boy’s character.
For in love; esteem professes the equity,
we should also proclaim the gender equality.

If I were a boy, I would make you smile,
though the distance between us is a hundred mile.
I would stay with you in all the time,
just through message and phone call hanging on the line.

If I were a boy, I would bring you happiness,
I’d develop a good sense of humor at its finest!
Cause to see you happy is more than anything
most specially in times that I feel nothing.

If I were a boy, I would be gentleman,
not to take-off your clothes, but to hold your hand.
Cause every girl deserves to be respected,
we should abolish the feeling of being mistreated.

If I were a boy, I would love you most,
I’d appreciate everything and be not boast.
For pride in love should not abide,
Remember to keep someone worthy inside.

If I were a boy, I would treat you my queen,
who would fit perfectly as I am the king.
Cause in our kingdom full of infidelity,
I am the one who’s filled with integrity.

--Chris Limena